Poliform Table - simple refined and timeless style

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Designer Jean-Marie Massaud: A simple, refined and timeless style has driven the essential design of this table.‎ A pure natural marble top  and steel with a smoked velvet-like grey plate framed by a small setting in stone in order to provide refinement a
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Material:luxury marble + Round dining table metal base in gold finishing. 
Delivery Information:25-40 days according to purchase quantity
Packing:polyfoam+3-ply-board(No need Fumigation Certificate )

Note: Every stone featured is 100% natural, hence marbling on the actual piece received will vary in grain, colour and tone. Pitting holes & fissures lines are inherent and not term as defects, grains, shade & colours variation which may include colour spot due to natural occurrence in stones. No two slabs will look the same, and each piece will be unique on its own. You can be guaranteed that almost every piece of stone will be unique

A poliform table collection of offers different in style and materials. Classic or contemporary, characterized by organic or geometric shapes, large or compact, made in lacquered finishes, wood, or metal, and embellished by tops in leather, marble, onyx, and lapis la- zuli. Fanstone Home poliform table are micro-architectures that adapt to the different areas of the house, next to the sofa in the living room or as bedside tables in the night area.

This is poliform table is designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. The table has a structure in solid wood, available in three finishes: Canaletto walnut, spessart oak, black olm. The top is available in wood and marble. A design able to propose a primary form that enhances the naturalness of wood. Lightweight shapes interpreted with essential style. A simple, refined and timeless style has driven the essential design of this table.‎ A pure natural marble top and steel with a smoked velvet-like grey plate framed by a small setting in stone.

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If you look at the scope of the poliform table, you will find that the style you have always dreamed of actually exists. A design that can propose the main form of improving the natural degree of wood. The light shape explains the basic style. Solid units, classic lines and the perfect elegant finish and cover, this is a collection that can reflect your style.

Whether it's a private dining table for two or a feast for ten, the Poliform series dining table is the perfect choice for any interior design. Your poliform table is made of beautiful materials and has a variety of finishes to choose from. Your table will be remembered by people.

Poliform is a soft and modern fashion concept, and its complexity cannot be measured. Fanstone Home, founded in 2019, is located in China famous for high-end furniture. Poliform's numerous product lines include the entire house's systems and furniture: bookcases, wall and media systems, walk-in closets, wardrobes and beds.
Care Guide
Clean your marble with warm water and detergent; don’t use soap. It's fat based and can cause the stone to darken. You may use a special marble or stone cleaner. Rinse the stone with clean water and then thoroughly dry it with soft cloth. Do this several times a week or as needed to keep your stone clean and fresh. Never use anything abrasive on marble.
To seal the marble, simply apply a marble sealant. This is recommended two to four times a year. Sealant prevents the naturally porous stone from absorbing spills and moisture, prolonging its beauty and its life.
Do not use or pour any type of acid, all cleaners must be PH Neutral.
Do not use abrasive cleaners.
Do not use acidic cleaners such as bath cleaners, sealants or ceramic cleaners.
Do not mix bleach and ammonia.
We recommend hiring a professional stone worker to repair any deep etching or cracks in the marble. Do not attempt to repair deep cracks or etching on your own.
Being stone, your piece will inevitably wear over time; a beautiful ageing process that comes with natural material. Staining and chipping of the stone is not covered under warranty.
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