The Most Details in ChoosingNatural Stone Coffee Table

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Many people who have lived in cities for a long time now like to decorate their homes with natural materials, such as marble, rattan tables and chairs. In some romantic cafes, many tables and chairs of marble cafes are also purchased. This is a very creative move. In the cafes with lingering coffee aroma, the marble flavor of the tables and chairs of marble cafes is also mixed with it, adding a touch of crushed stone fragrance and making people feel that they can only be described as elegant and slow living. The marble coffee table is divided into natural marble and artificial marble. The artificial stone is cheap, but the texture is relatively fake, so it is mostly used in places with high practical requirements such as cabinets, and in some harsh environments, such as kitchens and toilets; Windowsill, ground and other places that emphasize decoration are rarely used. Another factor hindering the use of artificial stone is the human factor. Due to the great difference in the manufacturing process of artificial stone, the performance and characteristics are not completely consistent. The natural marble surface is rich in color, beautiful in texture, soft in flesh, and highly decorative. Natural marble attracts people with its natural and unique pattern, natural cold ridge and warm texture, and has become one of the high-end floor decoration in family decoration. Therefore, natural marble is more expensive.
How to Choose Natural Marble
When selecting natural marble, we should see whether the polished surface is smooth, has specular luster, can clearly reflect the scene, whether the pattern is clear, whether there is fracture, and whether the impurities are obvious. The wear resistance and hardness mainly depend on the density. If the density is large, the wear resistance and hardness will be high, and vice versa.

How to Choose NaturalStone Coffee Table

1. Before buying a natural stone coffee table, you should first measure the size of the living room and the size of the surrounding furniture to determine the size of the coffee table. If the living room is large, choose a large natural stone coffee table. One end of the coffee table can be placed with a bench, and the other end can be placed with two small stools to make up for the gap.
2. The height of the natural stone coffee table should be consistent with the height of the surrounding sofas and seats, and it is better not to be higher than the height of the seat cushion, otherwise it is not convenient to take and place the cup. Generally, the height is about 60cm.
3. If there are seats around the living room, it is best to choose a round natural stone coffee table, regardless of primary and secondary, to ensure that it can be touched in any direction.
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